Skydio Dock number 01 is preinstalled with additional number plates or decals available to purchase.

Skydio Dock for S2 Indoor

Attach the numbered plate:

    • the number plates can be removed and installed using a 2.5 mm hex wrench

Skydio Dock for X2 Outdoor

Attach a numbered decal transfer:


Step 1 - Peel off the existing number decal


Step 2 - Clean the area between the antennas (green area) with isopropyl alcohol wipes ensuring that there is no dust, oil, or residue


Step 3 - Align the number decal between the antennas and along the front edge of the Dock (orange dash line)


Step 4 - Secure the front edge of the number with (~20 cm) of tape


Step 5 - Carefully remove the backing paper at a sharp angle from the rear edge (yellow line) to the front edge (orange line)


Step 6 - Smooth down the decal from the front edge (orange line) to the rear (yellow line)

    • squeegee to release the decal

Step 7 - Remove the top layer from the rear (yellow line) to the front (orange line), ensuring that the decal remains fixed to the Dock

    • remove the blue tape

Step 8 - Smooth the wrinkles and bubbles using the squeegee


Step 9 - Assign the number in your Skydio Cloud organization:

    • select the Settings menu and the Devices tab
    • select the Dock to assign a number
    • select the ellipses icon
    • select Change Settings
    • assign a number and Save 


Skydio, Inc. A0346

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