The Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) is a software add-on to the Skydio Enterprise app that gives enterprise users new skills and functionality which enhance situational awareness and enterprise inspection missions. It’s available as an add-on software package to a Skydio drone (Skydio 2 and X2 are supported). We aren’t publicly sharing the pricing at this time. A Skydio Sales Representative can help you order the software and discuss available options.

Skydio Enterprise Skills

With the Skydio Enterprise app, you have a range of control over your Skydio AEF features via a unique set of flight skills. Simply choose your skill and put your drone to the task—Skydio 2 knows what to film and will intelligently fly itself to get the best shot.

Here are the current skills available in the Skydio Enterprise app:



Use this skill any time you want the traditional flying experience using on-screen controls or the Skydio Controller.



This powerful skill allows you to mark two points in the sky and have Skydio 2 fly along a fixed path between them. You can choose to track a subject while Skydio 2 is on this fixed path. Also available in the Skydio 2 (“consumer”) app.



Create and execute multi-waypoint GPS missions.



Skydio 2 will hover in a fixed position, as if affixed to a virtual tripod, rotating and tilting the camera to look at the subject as they move.



Skydio 2 will rotate around a user-selected point-of-interest in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, keeping the point in the center of the frame.

Skydio Enterprise Features

Here’s a list of all the new features available with the Skydio Enterprise app and the Skydio AEF software add-on.




Close Proximity Obstacle Avoidance

The drone can fly closer to obstacles (0.45m - 0.55m obstacle bubble)

Allows closer flight for indoor navigation e.g. through large doorways, and up-close inspection of detailed assets

Precision Mode

Tunes the system for ultra-precise positioning of the drone based on joystick (Skydio 2 Controller) inputs.

Allows for up-close photography and effortless capture of critical components

Visual Return-to-Home

Ability to Return-to-Home purely using visual way-finding when flying in GPS-denied environments

Provides robust and safe Return-to-Home in high-RF or GPS-denied environments (e.g., below bridges)

Offline Maps

Download maps ahead of time to use map-based features without a cellular LTE connection

Use map-based functionality even for jobs in remote, off-the-grid areas


Blends the six 4K navigation cameras to create an omnidirectional view. Allows the user to zoom digitally with algorithmic image stabilization

See farther, and in all directions without moving the drone - thus reducing the pilot cognitive load

Point-of-Interest Orbit

Drone will navigate itself while revolving around a user-defined point on a map

Enables surveillance and overwatch of any structure or locale

Track In Place

Ability to visually track a car or person from a fixed position from farther away

Enables covert surveillance from farther standoff distances

Vertical View

Gimbal can look straight up overhead of the drone

Allows for overhung inspections such as ceilings, bridges, and canopies

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