What is the Skydio Enterprise app?

The new Skydio Enterprise app is the user interface for Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) software and provides an interface designed around the AEF features, so that pilots can focus on completing the mission in the most efficient way possible.

Available for iOS or Android users, the Enterprise app represents a different experience than the standard Skydio 2 app - this article will summarize those differences.

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What is the Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation?

The Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) is a software add-on that gives enterprise users new functionality that enhances situational awareness and enterprise inspection missions. Autonomy Enterprise Foundation delivers new autonomy capabilities to respond to the needs of enterprise, public sector, and defense users within a wide range of use cases (inspection, mapping, situational awareness, emergency response, search and rescue, etc.).

Skydio AEF is available as an add-on software package to a Skydio drone (Skydio 2 and X2 are supported). We aren’t publicly sharing the pricing at this time. A Skydio Sales Representative can help you order the software and discuss available options.

What are the differences between the two apps?

The primary difference between the Skydio 2 (“consumer experience”) app and the Skydio Enterprise (“enterprise user”) app is that the AEF software subscription is accessed exclusively through the Skydio Enterprise app. Users who have purchased AEF must use the Skydio Enterprise app to access those enterprise-grade features.

Conversely, because the Skydio Enterprise app has been optimized for enterprise use cases such as inspection, search and rescue, emergency response, and situational awareness, many of the consumer-focused Cinematic Skills are unavailable in the Skydio Enterprise app.

To learn more about the additional skills and functionality offered by the AEF software, please read this article: Which Skills and Features Are Available in the Skydio Enterprise app?

Can I use both the regular Skydio 2 app and the Skydio Enterprise app?

Yes, you may use either app to fly your Skydio drone. Both apps can be installed and used on the same device, and users may switch between the two app experiences as needed.

Although the new Skydio Enterprise app offers a dedicated enterprise experience, pilots can still choose to fly with the Skydio 2 app to enjoy more cinematic experiences.

Can I use the Enterprise app if I have not purchased AEF?

No. Although you can download and login to the Skydio Enterprise app, unless you have purchased an AEF software subscription add-on, no features or functionality will be available to you.


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