What is the Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation?

The Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation (AEF) is a software add-on that gives enterprise users new functionality that enhances situational awareness and enterprise inspection missions. Autonomy Enterprise Foundation delivers new autonomy capabilities to respond to the needs of enterprise, public sector, and defense users within a wide range of use cases (inspection, mapping, situational awareness, emergency response, search and rescue, etc.).

Skydio AEF is available as an add-on software package to a Skydio drone (Skydio 2 and X2 are supported). We aren’t publicly sharing the pricing at this time. A Skydio Sales Representative can help you order the software and discuss available options.

Can I buy AEF from the Skydio webstore?

No. A Skydio Sales Representative can help you procure AEF. To be connected to the Skydio Sales team, please fill out a contact form on Skydio.com.

Can I access AEF features from the Skydio 2 App?

Once purchased through the Skydio Sales team, AEF features are accessible via the Enterprise-grade complement to the Skydio 2 App, the Skydio Enterprise App.
The Skydio Enterprise App is available in the App Store or Google Play.
Skydio AEF features must be purchased separately and can only be accessed through the Skydio Enterprise App. Any user is welcome to contact our sales team to assess whether AEF is the right fit for their use case.

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