For troubleshooting purposes only, if your controller becomes unresponsive or is not pairing with your Skydio 2, you may need to reset your Skydio 2 Controller back to its factory state.

note.jpg You will need to pair the Controller with your Skydio 2 after a reset (for more details see the Skydio Controller User Guide)


Quick Steps

To reset the Skydio 2 Controller:

Step 1 - Open the Controller arm to power it on

Step 2 - Press and hold the following four buttons all at the same time until the light on the Controller turns bright white—about 10 seconds

    • Launch/Land button
    • Return button
    • Left Shoulder button
    • Right Shoulder button
Hold to reset   Reset complete
front_open_no_phone_reset_Buttons.png   front_open_no_phone_White_light.png

The Skydio 2 Controller is now in its factory state.


Explore More

Skydio Controller User Guide

If you have questions or need additional support—feel free to reach out! Skydio Support



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