You can offload your media either manually or using Skydio Media Sync. Skydio Media Sync offers seamless transfer and management of updates, images, videos, and scans in Skydio Cloud. Media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization from the dashboard or Skydio API integration. 

To purchase Skydio Cloud Media Sync and Skydio 3D Scan, contact your Skydio Sales Representative.

For detailed instructions about how to use Skydio Media Sync to offload your media, visit How to use Media Sync in Skydio Cloud.

Your Skydio X2E offers two methods for manually transferring full-resolution images and video from your X2E to your device or computer:

    • Memory card
    • USB-C cable

Quick Steps

Transferring media from the memory card

There are two memory cards installed in X2E:

    1. Logs card (do not remove) – flight logs and software support
    2. Media card – stores images and video captured by X2E

[info text="To access the media stored on your memory card you will need a microSD card adapter."]

Step 1- Locate the media card closest to the battery
Step 2 - Gently press down until you feel a click
Step 3 - Carefully remove the media card
Step 4 - Insert into a microSD card adapter
Step 5 - Insert the adapter into your computer or device
Step 6 - Transfer media to your desired location

Transferring media using the USB-C cable


Step 1 - Power on your X2E

Step 2 - Connect your computer or device to power to avoid draining the battery of X2E
Step 3 - Connect X2E to your computer using the provided USB-C cable
Step 4 - Import your media
    • Windows OS will recognize X2E as an external hard drive
    • Mac OS will utilize the Photos app or Image Capture app to transfer media

[info]Apple supports file sizes up to 4.29 GB when transferring files from a device via USB cable. If transferring large videos, we recommend using an SD card reader or 3rd party file transfer app such as Android File transfer.[/info]

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