Skydio is proud to announce exciting new features in our software release Version 14.3 including advanced autonomy and AI processes optimized for increased situational awareness and detailed industrial asset inspection now available for Skydio 2 Enterprise with the purchase of Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation and 3D Scan software. Skydio 2 Enterprise Application offers seamless operation of new and enhanced autonomous flight skills, automated workflows, and robust imaging.


Skydio 2 Consumer Application no longer supports enterprise-level accounts.

Enterprise App Version: 

14.3.x (iOS)

14.3.x (Android)

Skydio 2 Vehicle Software Version: 



Skydio 3D Scan

Skydio 3D Scan™ is unprecedented adaptive scanning software that is now available for purchase to use with Skydio 2 Enterprise App for iOS.* 3D Scan builds a model of the scene, using automated data capture processes to generate 3D models that include comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution. Operators can perform higher quality inspections in less time, with minimal pilot training. The precise, visually geotagged imagery generated by Skydio 3D Scan is easily exported to any mainstream photogrammetry software, generating high-quality, higher-resolution models without the mountains of extra data required by traditional capture methods. 

*This feature is not currently supported on Android 7.0 (or higher) watch for availability.

Features include:

    • Adaptive Mapping
    • 2D Capture
    • 3D Capture
    • Visual Geofencing
    • Edge Model Viewer
    • Data Export to 3rd party photogrammetry software, including DroneDeploy, Pix4D, Bentley ContextCapture, and Reality Capture. 
    • Multi-Battery Scan
    • Real-time AR Coverage
    • AR Observer
note_icon.png Available for purchase to use on your Skydio 2 Enterprise App running AEF™

Ceiling Height

Customize the height ceiling: adjust the maximum allowed flight ceiling height to between 30 and 1500 feet using the Enterprise App.

Disable the height ceiling: disable the maximum allowed flight altitude using the Disable Height Ceiling now available on the Enterprise App.

Navigation Lights

You now have the ability to disable the navigation lights on Skydio 2 while inflight. The RGB navigation lights will be on during the initial boot sequence and will turn off when the drone is ready to fly.

Enabled RGB navigation lights will now display red when the drone is facing you and green when facing away to help you quickly understand the orientation of your drone.

Customizable WiFi Credentials

Change the Skydio 2 WiFi password or reset a changed password back to the factory-generated credentials.


Additional Obstacle Avoidance Modes

Your Skydio 2 allows closer flight for navigation through tight spaces and up-close inspection of detailed assets with two additional obstacle avoidance modes:

    • Standard: 34 inches (86 cm) between your Skydio 2 and any obstacle
    • Close: 11 inches (28 cm) between your Skydio 2 and any obstacle
    • Minimal: 4 inches (10 cm) between your Skydio 2 and any obstacle
    • Disabled: obstacles avoidance is disabled


Standard, close, minimal the top airspeed is 25 mph (11.5 m/s).

Disabled the top airspeed is limited to 18 mph (8 m/s).

Battery Level Messaging

Have a better sense of how much time you have left to fly, how much time it takes to return, and how much time is required to land with the enhanced inflight battery indicator.

Percentage - displays battery charge remaining becomes a two-minute countdown when the drone has less than two minutes of time before a required landing.

    • Green - indicates how much time the user has of nominal flight before they hit the time limit required to safely return and land
    • Yellow - indicates how much time is required to safely return
    • Red - indicates how much battery is required to land and when the drone will begin a non-cancellable landing


Cinematic Skills

Available on the consumer app and now available on the enterprise app.

    • Motion track: tracks a subject from a specified angle (front, side, or behind) relative to the direction the subject is moving. 
    • Fixed track: tracks a subject from a fixed angle regardless of which direction the subject is facing or moving.
    • Dronie: flies up and outward, increasing in range, while continuing to track a subject
    • Hover: designate a fixed position to hover allowing the camera to track a moving subject
    • Rocket: flies straight up for a birds-eye view while tracking a subject
    • Boomerang: flies around a tracked subject expanding and then contracting back to the original rotation
    • Vortex: flies up and outward, circling a tracked subject

Increased Maximum ISO

    • Increased camera light sensitivity ISO to 6400 for improved freeze motion photography and low-light flying conditions

Smoother Zoom Controls

    • Dynamic camera tilt control sensitivity while digitally zoomed-in offering smoother cinematic footage

Increased Ceiling Height In GPS-denied environments

    • Skydio 2 can now ascend up to 20 m above takeoff when indoors


    • Improved flight sensitivity and performance when initiating a case landing
    • Ability to Remove a Home Point


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