Skydio 2 Enterprise App now allows you to set a custom password for your drone.

Customize your Skydio 2 WiFi information:

Step 1 - Select INFO

Step 2 - Select your drone under Devices

Step 3 - Select Customize WiFi 


Step 4 - Set personal password or set length and Auto Generate a password

Step 5 - Select Accept

    • you will be prompted to reconnect to your Skydio 2 using your new credentials.
custom_SSID_screenshot_S2E.png     custom_SSID_screenshot_S2E_message.png



If connected to the Skydio 2 Controller or Skydio 2 Beacon, when you change the WiFi information for your drone it will disconnect from the accessory. You will then need to re-pair to that accessory.


Reset to your Skydio 2 to factory settings

Perform a factory reset - 


Step 1 - Connect to your Skydio 2

Step 2 - Select your drone under Devices

Step 3 - Select Manage Data

Step 4 - Select Factory Reset



Warning: This will format the SD card, delete all logs, and reset your Skydio 2.

Perform a physical reset WiFi settings only - 
    • reset the WiFi information or forgotten password

Step 1 - Power on your Skydio 2

Step 2 - Tap and release the power button twice in quick succession, followed by a third press and hold for two seconds

    • lights will flash green twice before returning to blue

Step 3 - Power cycle your drone and the WiFi name and password will be reset to factory settings.


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