Maintain and replace:

  • propellers - based on the number of flight hours
  • batteries - based on the number of cycles and/or percentage loss in the maximum state of charge
  • filter on the Dock intake fan air circulation system

[accordion heading="Propellers"]

For optimal performance, Skydio recommends replacing your Skydio X2 propellers after 100 hours and Skydio 2/2+ after 25 hours of flight time or if damaged. Always replace all propeller blades. Replacing all propeller blades will reduce any potential variation between the propellers and allow for tracking of propeller flight time.

Visit How do I replace my Skydio 2/2+ propellers? Or How to replace my Skydio X2 propellers for detailed instructions.


[accordion heading="Batteries"]

The lifespan of a Skydio battery is 1 year or 200 battery cycles. After this point, you may experience a decline in charging and performance. Battery life is highly dependent on your use case, and Skydio recommends replacing your battery when the flight time has degraded below what is acceptable for your use case. See How to Charge and Maintain your Skydio X2 batteries or Skydio 2+ Battery Guidelines for detailed information. 


[accordion heading="Intake fan filter"]

The Dock intake fan air circulation system is located under the locked access panel. Regular intake fan air circulation system maintenance includes brushing, blowing, or vacuuming dust and debris from the intake and replacing the filter. The frequency of filter replacement will depend on how much dust is in the environment. Check the filter monthly for debris and replace it every six months.  


Step 1 - Open the access panel using the key provided to unlock and open the back access panel

Step 2 - Locate the intake fan

Step 3 - Open the 4-corner protective intake panel

Step 4 - Slide out the filter and slide in the replacement



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