In order to successfully perform Remote Operations with Dock, your network must meet the following speed requirements:

  • > 5 mbps up and down
  • < 200 ms latency

You can use any network speed test site that provides a sustained, saturated testing option in order to see your network speed performance over time. In this article we’ll walk you through how to perform a speed test using


Before you test

It’s important to conduct a network speed test in the actual location where your Dock will be installed. Your internet setup must accurately represent the live environment where you will be flying, including the placement of your internet source (e.g. router, Cradlepoint, Starlink, etc.)


How to test your network

[note] You will be doing a sustained test (rather than an individual speed test) to receive a more comprehensive view of your network performance over time. [/note]

Step 1 - Go to the location where your Dock will be installed

Step 2 - Connect your laptop to the network you’ll be using for remote operations

    • If you plan to connect Dock to the network via Ethernet cable, plug your laptop into the Ethernet port you will be providing for Skydio Dock
    • If you plan to connect Dock to network Wi-Fi, connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi network
    • Disable all other Wi-Fi networks and connectivity options so that this is the only available network to connect to

Step 3 - Visit

Step 4 - Select Misc then select Automatic Speed Test


Step 5 (Optional) - Sign in to receive results via email when the test is complete. 


    • If you don’t already have an account, you will need to create one

Step 6 - Configure your automated speed test parameters


    • Frequency: 5 min
    • Repeat: 10x
    • Leave everything else as is

Step 7 - Select Start Automatic Test


    • The test will start with a small amount of data, then ramp up in increments
    • Leave your laptop open and untouched for 50 min to allow the test to run
    • Ensure your computer is connected to power and left awake during this process

Step 8 - When the test is complete, select My Results to view your results


    • If you’ve signed in, you will receive an email notification with your results

Step 9 - Email your results to your contact at Skydio

    • Select the email icon
    • Enter the name and email address of your contact
    • Optional: copy the URL of your results to send them via messaging app
    • Select Send Email

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