[accordion heading="Why is Skydio 2+ no longer available to purchase in the Skydio Shop?"]

We have discontinued the sale of Skydio 2+ drones for consumers. The Skydio 2+ Enterprise kit will remain available for Enterprise and Public Sector customers. This means that we will no longer offer the following product kits:

  • Skydio 2+ Starter Kit
  • Skydio 2+ Sports Kit
  • Skydio 2+ Cinema Kit
  • Skydio 2+ Pro Kit


[accordion heading="Has Skydio stopped production of Skydio 2+?"]

No, Skydio 2+ is still in production and is available for Enterprise customers. If you'd like to purchase a Skydio 2+ Enterprise Kit please contact our sales team here.


[accordion heading="Is Skydio abandoning the consumer market?"]

While Skydio does not have new drones available for sale to our consumer customers, we are committed to supporting all those who have previously purchased our products. Please see a message from our CEO here.


[accordion heading="Will there ever be another Skydio drone offering for consumers?"]

We are not able to share any updates about our future product roadmap. Please sign up for emails or follow us on social media to keep up to date on new product developments and other announcements.


[accordion heading="What about accessories?"]

Accessories for Skydio 2/2+ are available for purchase at shop.skydio.com

  • Can I still buy a new Beacon or Controller?
    • Yes, Skydio Beacons and Controllers are available for purchase at shop.skydio.com
  • What if I need a new battery?
  • What if I need new propellers?


[accordion heading="Will Skydio still provide on-drone RID for consumers with drones manufactured before Sept 2022?"]

Skydio has enabled Remote ID on drones produced on or before September 16, 2022, by means of a software update (and label) with no hardware changes required.

Please reference this help article for additional information.


[accordion heading="Will Skydio still provide bug-fix releases?"]

New releases will be made available for existing customers, where relevant. We always strive to deliver a high-quality experience for all customers.


[accordion heading="Is Skydio giving up on their consumer customers?"]

We remain committed to every customer who has purchased a Skydio 2 or 2+ drone. We assure you that we will continue to provide software and customer support for existing customers. We will also continue to honor all valid warranty terms, Skydio Care and drone repairs.


[accordion heading="Will there be changes to customer support for consumers?"]

Skydio is committed to supporting all of our customers. Please reach out to our support staff via help@skydio.com should you require any product support. Support is available 7 days a week.


[accordion heading="I have Skydio Care for my Skydio 2/2+. Is anything changing with regard to my Skydio Care entitlements?"]

Nothing is changing for Skydio Care customers. Skydio Care customers can file claims per usual at skydio.com/care. Please reach out to help@skydio.com if you have any concerns.


[accordion heading="Does this impact enterprise sales availability?"]

Enterprise sales and availability will not be affected. Please contact sales@skydio.com to learn more about how Skydio can support your enterprise or public sector use case.


[accordion heading="How much longer will you sell Skydio 2+ to enterprise customers?"]

We do not have an end date for Skydio 2+ availability for Enterprise customers.


[accordion heading="I am a small business and am interested in purchasing a Skydio 2+ Enterprise Kit. Am I still able to make a purchase?"]

Yes, please contact Skydio’s Sales team and a Sales Representative will help you with your request.


[accordion heading="What if my Skydio 2/2+ requires repairs?"]

Skydio will continue in-warranty repairs. Please refer to Skydio’s one year limited warranty to learn more about eligible repairs. Out of warranty repairs will be considered while supplies last. If you have purchased a Skydio Care one year or two year plan, you may refer to the Skydio Care terms of service for additional coverage details.




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