OSB Number: SOSB-24-V07

Date created: 24 June 2024

Operational Impact: Skydio is offering guidance on a known issue concerning Skydio X2 propellers. We have seen an increase in prop folding failures due to two factors: wind entering the Dock chamber or excess rotation of the propellers during folding. Either instance may result in sheared or otherwise damaged propellers.

Products affected: Skydio X2 flying from Skydio Dock

Description, Identification, and Manifestation

After landing, the propellers on X2 automatically fold, and the arm guides the drone into the Dock. If wind enters the chamber during this sequence, it may inadvertently unfold the props, resulting in the bay door closing on them.

Separately, the propellers may over-rotate, causing a folding failure which can also result in the bay door closing on them.

If either scenario occurs and damages the propellers, X2 cannot fly properly and may exhibit erratic flight behavior or crash.


To reduce the risk of wind-related folding failures, we recommend:

  • Installing Dock in a less windy location
  • Installing wind shielding nearby

For additional wind mitigation steps, contact Customer Support.

To reduce the risk of flying with damaged propellers, we recommend:

  • Utilizing the Dock Camera interface to conduct a thorough inspection
  • Performing more frequent in-person inspections of X2 drones
  • Setting up propeller failure notifications. Read How to configure alerts in Skydio Cloud for instructions.

Skydio Actions

Skydio is aware of the issue and is actively informing customers. As Dock for X2 is an Early Access Program, we will not be updating current Dock hardware but have made design improvements to the next generation to ensure this issue is mitigated.

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