Avoid crashes

Read the User Guide and the Safety Guidelines

If a crash or collision disables your Skydio 2  Skydio Support Team

Contact us BEFORE you attempt to fly again, even if it appears that your drone is ok!

Skydio 2 is designed to be tough enough for minor bumps, scratches, and collisions that do not result in a crash. If you experience a collision or incident during flight, inspect for damage to the chassis, propeller blades, gimbal, camera, and battery before flying again. Always clean your camera lenses pre-flight.

Skydio 2 Repair Program

Skydio offers an out-of-warranty repair evaluation if your Skydio 2 is damaged and in need of repair.

There is a $150 repair evaluation that covers:

  • shipping of the damaged drone to our repair facility
  • evaluation of the damage

The fee is credited towards the balance of any final repair costs, which will be quoted after the evaluation is completed.

To determine if the damage is covered under warranty, we may require you to send flight logs or other data from your drone or the Skydio 2 app to Skydio to verify the cause of the crash.  Do not reformat or factory reset your Skydio drone prior to contacting our support team. See Skydio Warranty for additional details.

note_icon.png Important: Disregarding the Safety Guidelines could result in damaging your Skydio product in a way that renders it ineligible for warranty coverage. If you are not flying safely and your Skydio 2 is damaged, we may not be able to help you.


If you have questions or need additional support—feel free to reach out! Skydio Support


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