How to erase flights from your R1

Skydio R1 comes with 64GB of internal onboard storage, which is enough for roughly 1.5 hours of footage when filming in 4K, or 4.5 hours when filming in 1080p30.

Here’s how to clear up space on your R1 when needed:

To delete individual flights

From the Videos tab within the Skydio app, just swipe right-to-left to delete any flight.

This will permanently delete videos, so be sure to offload and backup your flights via USB-C to your computer.

Skydio Video Delete


  • You must be connected to your R1 via WiFi to do this, and this step will permanently erase your flight from both the app and your R1.
  • You can perform this step when NOT connected to your R1, but it will only temporarily delete the flight preview file from your phone. The preview will reappear on your phone after you next connect to your R1.

To delete all flights

If you’d like to permanently remove all content at once from your R1, connect R1 to your computer via the included USB-C cable (choose which cable works for your computer). These steps will permanently delete these flight videos, so be sure that you have them backed up if you wish to save them:

  1. Press and hold the power button (located on the back of the battery) to turn on your R1.
  2. Plug in one end of the USB-C cable to your R1 and the other end to your computer (USB-A or USB-C, depending on the cable your computer requires).
  3. Your R1 will mount (just like a hard drive) to your desktop or Finder. You can also look for it under Devices.
  4. Your flight videos (and related audio) are inside DCIM > 10SKYDIO. Highlight all of the video and audio files folders you want to remove and drag them to the trash. Empty the trash.
  5. After the trash has been emptied, you should eject R1 from your computer like you would with any standard drive.

Just contact us if you need any help - and be sure to check out our related articles for more info.