How high can R1 fly?

We’ve optimized R1’s flight behaviors based on its ability to track a subject accurately. Using the Skydio app and a variety of different cinematic modes, you can adjust R1 to get the perfect shot.

Based on which mode you’re using, or whether or not R1 is currently tracking a subject, here are the altitude (height) specifications for R1:

  When tracking a subject When NOT tracking a subject
Max height ceiling (GPS enabled on phone): 8m (26.2ft) 20m (65.6ft)
Max height ceiling (GPS disabled on phone): 8m (26.2ft) 10m (32.8ft)
Max height (Tripod mode ONLY, w GPS): 20m (65.6ft)
Max height (Tripod mode ONLY, w/o GPS): 10m (32.8ft)


  • In addition to the above specs, when tracking a subject, R1 will never fly further than 10m (32.8ft) away from the subject (overall distance in relation to the person being followed).
  • R1 uses your phones GPS signal to reacquire you to follow or to return to your location if needed.
  • Skydio R1 maximum height ceilings are compliant with FAA guidelines.

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