Skydio 2 or Skydio R1 have the ability to follow both humans and cars.

For Skydio 2

Skydio 2 will automatically give users the option to follow cars using the Motion Track skill in the Skydio 2 app. See this article for more information on Skydio 2 skills: Using Skills within the Skydio 2 app.

For Skydio R1

To use car follow in the Skydio R1 app, connect to your R1 via WiFi, then select either Car Follow or Car Tripod using the skills selector at the bottom of the Flight screen. Use the tracking indicator (the 'plus' icon) to select the vehicle you would like to follow.

Here are a few guidelines around using car follow:

  • Note that R1 is not able to avoid other moving objects such as other cars.
  • Only use car follow while off-road or on a closed course. Never use R1 over public roadways!
  • Follow all drone piloting safety guidelines (including FAA regulations) - more info here.
  • Take extra precautions to avoid thin structures such as power lines and branches when using car follow.
  • Make sure you have a passenger who maintains a line of sight with R1 and is able to take over control.
  • Drive under 25 mph, or else you may outrun R1.

Check out this video for more tips and tricks for using car follow:


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