Apple Watch is the perfect companion to your R1, allowing you to stay in the moment as you direct R1 from your wrist.

Check out our quick video to learn how to use Apple Watch with R1:


  • iOS 11 (or greater) and WatchOS 4 (or greater) are both required on your devices.
  • Although it's an incredible companion to the Skydio R1 app on your phone, Apple Watch is not meant to be used as a standalone controller for R1. In other words, an iPhone with the Skydio R1 app installed is still required for use.
  • Your iPhone and your Apple Watch must stay connected to each other at all times, but your iPhone does not need to be awake in order to direct R1 from your Watch.
  • The Skydio app on your phone will always be able to provide more detailed flight messages than those presented on the Watch.
  • Some Skills require a bit of setup that can only be initiated on your phone (for instance, Cable Cam and Joysticks modes). You can use Apple Watch to exit those Skills and switch to others but will need to set those shots up on your phone first.
  • To optimize your Apple Watch & Skydio experience, you may wish to set up your Apple Watch as follows (via the Watch app on your iPhone):


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional help!