Skydio 2 has built-in GPS, which enhances the autonomous flight experience with features that enable it to follow a Beacon or go to a point on a map within the Skydio 2 app. Below are some details about Skydio 2’s GPS capabilities.

If Skydio 2 has trouble establishing a strong GPS signal, a warning message will appear in the app cautioning that it may not be safe to fly.

At any time during a flight (either following a subject or flying manually), you can easily return Skydio 2 to your phone’s last-known GPS location, or a Home Point that you can set on a map - all from within the Skydio app.

Not only is this a handy way to quickly return Skydio 2 to your location, but it can be helpful if you’ve lost line of sight with Skydio 2, or if it has lost you while tracking.


  • The GPS accuracy of many phones can vary from model to model, so Skydio 2 may return to a location slightly offset from your own.
  • If you initiate a return to your phone and keep moving, Skydio 2 continues to update the GPS location until it reaches your general location.
  • Skydio 2 requires a stable GPS connection to fly greater than 10m/33ft. above the point of takeoff. This may not be possible when flying in GPS denied environments such as indoors, heavy urban areas, and deep canyons; or when flying near large metal structures such as radio towers and bridges. If you are having any difficulty getting your Skydio 2 to fly above 10m/33ft., you may need to fly a few meters in a lateral motion (forward, backward, left, or right) to acquire a GPS lock. This is true regardless of which method you’re using to fly (app/phone-only, with Beacon, or with Controller).
  • The Skydio Beacon accessory extends the operational range of Skydio 2, and also greatly enhances the GPS accuracy and adds GPS tracking abilities to Skydio 2. This allows Skydio 2 to continue following even when it loses visual sight of you, and smoothly reacquire you visually when it can. See our related articles for more info on Beacon.
  • GPS signal is independent of cellular data plans. Although the Skydio 2 app does require location services to be ON while flying, you can still fly Skydio 2 if you have no cellular data active on your device. Basically, you can fly Skydio 2 using the Skydio 2 app on a mobile device that is in "airplane mode", provided that you have location services/permissions ON.

Check out our specs page for even greater details.

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