What is Case Landing?

Case Landing is an awesome feature that enables Skydio 2 to land directly on its case, avoiding dusty/muddy surfaces and rough terrain to get a smooth and safe landing every time.

When should I use it?

Case Landing is best used on surfaces that are level with the ground (fields, roads, trails, etc). Always make sure that the Skydio 2 case is stable and flat before making a case landing.

WARNING: Do not initiate a case landing near water or on moving platforms (boats, moving vehicles etc.). Additionally, landing on elevated platforms (vehicles, tables, etc.) is not recommended, since Skydio 2 may perceive them as obstacles and maneuver away from them. 

How to land Skydio 2 on it’s case

Before flying, make sure your Skydio 2 is up-to-date.

When you’re ready to land:

  1. Place your case on the ground with the Skydio logo facing up.
  2. Fly Skydio 2 over the case so that the camera can look down and see the logo.
  3. A yellow ring will appear around the case in the live video feed to indicate that Skydio 2 has seen the case and will begin landing on it.
  4. Skydio 2 will then land on top of the case.


Note: Piloting or nudging the vehicle during a case landing will cancel the case landing and continue with a normal landing.


What if I don’t see a yellow ring?

If you do not see the yellow ring, Skydio 2 will not land on the case and will continue to descend straight down. Note that Case Landing works best if you initiate the landing from a higher altitude; if you start landing too low to the ground, Skydio 2 may not see the case.

Can I make a Case Landing using the Return to Home function?

If a flight is initiated by taking off from a case (or a case is placed at Skydio 2’s exact take off point), GPS positional accuracy cannot be relied upon to guarantee a case landing when using the Return to Home function (or in the case of an RTH triggered by lost communication).

Can I use Case Landing with my Pro Case?

Yes! Case Landing works with both the original Skydio 2 hard-shell case and the Skydio 2 Pro Case.

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