October 14, 2021

Skydio is proud to announce exciting new features in our software release (Version 15.10) including advanced autonomy and AI processes optimized to make your flying experience safer, more robust, and intuitive.

Skydio 2 app version

15.10.0 (6)(iOS)

15.10.5 (Android) Requires Android 9 or higher

Skydio 2 Vehicle Software Version


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Height Ceiling

Skydio 2 now offers the option to enable, disable, or edit the Height Ceiling for high-altitude flight. Height ceiling selections will persist across flights and power cycles.

  • Disabled — Height Ceiling is set at 400 ft (122 m)
  • Enabled — Height Ceiling Altitude slider displays allowing you to customize your maximum drone altitude from 30-1500 ft (10-457 m)


Updated Battery Indicator

Updating your Skydio 2 app will prompt the display of the new battery level messaging overview to make it easy to understand how much battery you have available for flight, how much battery capacity is available for a return trip, and how much battery is required to land. You will be able to access the meaning of the battery level icons anytime on the FLY screen by selecting INFO > Battery Indicator.

Percentage and Countdown

  • Percentage - displays remaining battery charge
  • When battery capacity has less than two minutes of flight time available for landing the indicator will change to a countdown
  • When battery capacity is zero the indicator will change to an alert symbol and the drone will initiate a non-cancellable landing


Return Behaviors

You now have the ability to customize the way Skydio 2 behaves after initiating a return:

  • Return Height - Allows you to set the height to which Skydio should ascend before returning. By default, the Return Height is set to 32 ft (9.7 m). Skydio 2 will ascend to that height before returning.
  • Height Behavior - Choose between Absolute and Relative:
        • Absolute means your drone will ascend to the specified Return Height above the launch point before returning.
        • Relative means your drone will ascend to the specified Return Height above the current position before returning.
  • Drone Looks - Skydio will either look toward or away from the return destination while returning.
  • Return Speed - Adjust the speed at which Skydio should fly when returning.


  • Lost Connection - Lets you choose how you want your drone to behave if the signal to your controlling device is lost:
      • Wait Before Return - Specify the amount of time that you want Skydio 2 to wait before it initiates a return flight, allowing time to reconnect.
      • Land Once Returned - When enabled, Skydio 2 will return, hover for a specified amount of time, and then land.
      • Wait Before Land - Specify the amount of time between 0 to 300 seconds (the default is 240 seconds) that you want Skydio 2 to wait before landing. This setting is only enabled when Land Once Return is toggled on.


View Last Flights

The View Last Flights feature is designed to assist you with locating your drone in the event of a crash, emergency landing, or low battery landing in an unintended location. Gather more information by reviewing videos of the 10 most recent flights, even if your phone or controller is not connected to your drone.

Customizable WiFi Credentials

Change your Skydio 2 WiFi password or reset a changed password back to the factory-generated credentials.


You now have the ability to adjust anti-flicker settings if you experience flickering in your video. This setting is for users located outside of North America, in countries where the frequency of the alternating current in household electrical outlets is 50 Hz.

  • 60 Hz (default) - North America
  • 50 Hz - Australia and New Zealand

IMG_7561.PNG.png        IMG_7562.PNG.png

Enable Narrow Band

Enable Narrow Band to provide additional wireless range.

  • Extends controller range in open environments
  • When enabled, the drone will switch to narrow band whenever applicable
  • Video quality may suffer slightly
CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg This setting is only available while connected to the controller or Beacon.


New Safety Guide

After updating to 15.9 you will be prompted to review the new Safety Guide Agreement designed to help you avoid collisions and fly safely. Visual reminders will be accessible anytime by navigating to INFO > SUPPORT > Safety Guide. The updated Safety Guide Agreement provides information that will make your flying experience more enjoyable.

  • How to avoid collisions
  • Best environments for flight
  • How to avoid injury
  • How to be compliant with regulations

Manual Flight Skill

Fly freely using the new Manual Mode Flight Skill. Switch into Manual Mode by selecting your current skill then select General > Manual Mode.

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