When you are ready to end your flight and land your drone, first stop any subject tracking and manually fly the drone to a safe landing spot that is flat, clear of debris, and not overhead of any people or animals. Once you’re ready to land, press and hold the LAND button on your phone screen. Hold_to_land.png


Skydio 2 will descend until it is 10 ft (3 m) above the surface below it. Once Skydio 2 is less than 10 ft from the surface, the LEDs on Skydio 2 will turn yellow and all obstacle avoidance will be disabled for the remainder of the landing. Users will be notified of this change on screen if flying with the Skydio 2 app.

CS_Warning_icon.png Skydio may recognize bushes, trees and similar obstacles as potential surfaces. Make sure to first pilot the drone to an open area free of obstacles before initiating a landing.

While Skydio 2 is landing you may nudge the drone forwards, backward, left, or right using the Controller or digital thumbsticks in the app.

CS_Warning_icon.png Do not attempt to hand catch Skydio before the LEDs turn yellow. Attempting to hand catch Skydio while obstacle avoidance is active will cause it to attempt to avoid your hand and may result in Skydio impacting yourself or another nearby object. 
You may also cancel any non-emergency landing by tapping the red Cancel button before the landing completes.  S2_Cancel-landing_icon.png
CS_Note_callout-icon__1_.jpg After Skydio has landed it will begin syncing the recorded audio from the mobile device to the drone’s video. Skydio must stay powered on and connected to the app while this sync is in progress for audio to be added to the videos.

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