If you damage your Skydio 2+ or Skydio X2E and wish to take advantage of one of your Skydio Care replacements, follow the steps below to submit a Skydio Care claim.

[info]For more information about your replacement allowances, visit: What is Skydio Care? or What is Skydio Care Enterprise?[/info]


Quick Steps

Step 1 - Visit skydio.com/care to complete the claim form

  • Enter all requested information
  • Enter your Skydio Care number you received at the time of purchasing Skydio Care
  • Your Skydio care number is equal to:
    • Your Order number e.g "123456789", or;
    • Your Sales Order number e.g. “SO-XXXXX”

[info]You will need your unique Skydio Care number to complete the Fast Replacement claim form. This is the order number you received at the time of purchasing Skydio Care. If you are unable to locate your Skydio Care number contact Skydio Support.[/info]


Step 2 - Pay the deductible

  • The Skydio Support team will process your claim and email you an invoice and a link to pay via credit card.

Step 3 - Mail your drone to Skydio

  • Skydio will send you a return box with a prepaid shipping label
  • Package the drone only—do not include additional accessories
  • If you have Skydio Care Enterprise, your replacement drone will be shipped with the return box

[caution]Send in your Skydio drone only. Do not include any SD memory cards, Batteries, or other accessories in your return shipment. If Skydio receives a drone from you with an SD memory card inserted, the content or data on the card in the drone will be deleted and the storage will be reformatted. Skydio is not responsible for any loss of content or data.[/caution]

Upon receipt of the damaged drone, Skydio will ship your replacement drone via express 2-day shipping.



I have Skydio Care Enterprise. How long do I have to return my damaged drone?

With Skydio Care Enterprise, you have thirty (30) days from the day of the replacement drone shipment to return the damaged drone. If Skydio fails to receive the covered damaged drone in this timeline, you will be charged the full amount of the replacement drone.

If you are using your lost drone coverage option, you will be charged the $550 replacement fee when your replacement drone ships out.

What do I do if I lose my unique Skydio Care number?

Your Skydio Care number is required to process a Skydio Care claim. If you lose your unique number, please contact Skydio Support.

[info] The Skydio Care number is the order number you received at the time of purchasing Skydio Care. (your Order number e.g "123456789", or your Sales Order number e.g. “SO-XXXXX”)[/info]

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