Skydio Cloud offers an Axon Evidence media integration to sync the media captured from your Skydio drone without having to manually upload, offering seamless transfer and management of images and videos. Media can be stored, searched, and shared across your organization, either from the dashboard or directly from the Axon Evidence integration. You must have your Skydio Cloud account provisioned before you can configure the Axon Evidence Manager feature.


  • Skydio Administrative access
  • Axon Evidence Administrative access
  • Computer with Internet

Quick Steps

Step 1 - Log in to cloud.skydio.com
Step 2 - Set up your Skydio Cloud account: Getting Started with Skydio Cloud

Step 3 - Add Wireless Networks

    • Select Settings
    • Select Network
    • Select Add New Network
    • Input the SSID (name of your wireless network)
      Skydio 2: compatible with 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz networks
      Skydio 2+ and Skydio X2: compatible with 5 GHz networks
    • Input the password
    • Select Add New Network

For more detailed instructions and advanced wireless network guidelines, visit:
How to Add a Network to Skydio Cloud


Step 4 - Choose media to upload

    • Select the Settings icon
    • Select Media Upload
    • Select the type of media to upload


Step 5 - Sync your Skydio Cloud features

    • Select INFO
    • Select your drone
    • Select Cloud Settings
    1. Select Download features from Cloud to sync from Skydio Cloud to your controlling device.
    2. Select Sync Settings to Drone to sync Skydio Cloud settings from your controlling device to your drone.


Step 6 - Power on the drone

    • Select Connect on the Skydio Enterprise app or Skydio Controller

Step 7 - Plug in the drone to power

    • Media Sync to Skydio Cloud is triggered when the vehicle is connected to power.

For more detailed instructions visit:
How to Use Skydio Cloud Media Sync


Step 8 - Open a new tab in your browser

    • Sign in to your organization’s Axon Evidence using an admin level email account
    • Select Admin - located on the top navigation bar



Step 9 - Select Axon Air API Settings

    • Located under Security Settings
    • Reach out to your Axon account manager if you do not see Axon Air API Settings

Step 10 - Select Add New

    • Select Skydio from the drop-down in the System box
    • Enter a description or name of your organization
    • Enable Feature permissions
      allow Evidence Management permissions
      allow Respond Live Streaming (optional)
    • Select Save


Step 11 - Do NOT Open Skydio Portal

    • Navigate to the open Skydio Cloud browser tab
CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg Copy the client secret. If you select Open Skydio Portal the Axon tab will close and the Secret will not be available. If the integration fails you will need to generate a new Secret.

Step 12 - In the Skydio Cloud browser tab

    • Select the Settings menu
    • Select Axon Integration
    • Select Add Credentials
Step 13 - Copy and Paste from Axon into Skydio Cloud
    • Secret - password string (will not be available after the window is closed)
    • Partner ID - unique Axon ID for your organization
    • Client ID - unique Skydio Cloud ID
Step 14 - Enter your Default Axon User Email
    • Must be a valid user email address in your Axon account
    • Will serve as the default email address for any unidentified pilots
    • Select Save
    • Select Send to validate Axon API Credentials
Step 15 - (optional) Delete media after integration
    • Select the Settings menu
    • Select Axon Integration
    • Toggle on or off to delete files from Skydio Cloud once the media is uploaded to Axon.
Step 16 - Conduct a test flight
    • Ensure that your media syncs to Skydio Cloud. While the vehicle is uploading media, the Fleet screen will display an uploading status

Step 17 - Check Axon integration media sync status

    • Select Skydio Cloud Reports
    • Select Flights

the status of the Axon Integration Media Sync will display:
     Not Started
     In Progress
     Failed (select Retry)



Unable to access Axon Evidence

Contact your Axon Evidence support representative for help with your account.

Unable to access Skydio Cloud

Go to cloud.skydio.com

    • enter your email address
    • enter the verification code sent to your email address

CS_Note_callout-icon.jpg Ensure that you are logging in to your mobile device with the same email address that has been provisioned on Skydio Cloud.

Have you set up your Skydio Cloud?

You will need to configure your Skydio Cloud account before you can upload flight telemetry. See Getting Started with Skydio Cloud. Any media captured prior to configuring your Skydio Cloud will not sync. 

Is your device/controller connected to the Internet?

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet or cellular data.

Is the vehicle claimed in Skydio Cloud?

Vehicles are not automatically associated with an organization, you will need to claim the vehicles that you want in your fleet:

Step 1 - Select Settings

Step 2 - Select Devices

Step 3 - Select Claim Device

Step 4 - Enter vehicle WiFi (eg Skydio2: - xxxx)

The vehicle tab displays a list of associated vehicles ID 


You cannot claim a vehicle that is associated with another organization. You cannot delete a vehicle. If you receive this error message  or need to delete a vehicle contact Skydio Customer Support


Media not syncing in Skydio Cloud

Uploading the flight recording will not take place unless you have purchased Media Sync, selected the type of media you want to upload, and connected your drone to power. Visit Skydio Cloud Media Sync for more information. Ensure that you have set up your wireless networks in your Skydio Cloud account  


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If you have questions or need additional support—feel free to reach out! Skydio Support

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