Skydio will notify you if there is an update available for the X2 Dual Charger. To perform an update you will need:

    • Skydio X2 Dual Charger
    • an updated Skydio X2 vehicle
    • two Skydio X2 batteries
    • USB-C cable

Step 1 - Slide one battery onto the Dual Charger


Step 2 - Insert one battery onto a Skydio X2 vehicle 


Step 3 - Power on your drone

    • press the power button for three seconds

Step 4 - Allow the vehicle to fully boot up


Step 5 - Connect the vehicle to your Dual Charger using the USB-C cable

    • the update will begin automatically
    • the process can take up to 5 minutes
    • the lights on the battery attached to the charger will pulse blue for several seconds
    • the lights will turn off while the charger updates
    • the lights on the battery will turn green indicating that the update is complete

Step 6 - Unplug the cable from the Dual Charger and the vehicle

    • the Dual Charger is updated and ready for use

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