FARO offers a suite of products for imaging, processing and managing 3D scan data. FARO Zone 3D allows you to import .LAS files from other photogrammetry platforms to create Point Cloud models that can later be imported to FARO SCENE.

Check out our article, How to create 3D reconstructions for more detailed steps on creating 3D models with third-party photogrammetry platforms.

Create a .LAS file

Before launching FARO 3D, you must first create a .LAS file of your Point Cloud model. This can be done in most photogrammetry software platforms, such as PIX4DMapper or Bentley ContextCapture.

The following steps to create a .LAS file were completed using DroneDeploy.

Step 1 - Upload your scan photos

Login to DroneDeploy and navigate to your dashboard.

Open an existing Project if you have one, or select the blue + Project button to start a new project.

Follow the process for creating a 3D model.

Read our article, How to create 3D reconstructions for more detailed steps on creating a DroneDeploy reconstruction.


Step 2 - View model as a Point Cloud

Once your model is complete, toggle the Point Cloud view, located at the top of the left sidebar.




Step 3 - Begin the export process

Select Export in the bottom left of the screen.



Step 4 - Select Point Cloud



Step 5 - Select file type

Under File Type, select LIDAR data exchange (.las) from the dropdown menu.



Step 6 - Wait as your file processes

Once processing is complete, save this file to your desired location.



Importing .LAS files to FARO Zone 3D Advance

Before installing FARO Zone 3D, review their System Requirements page to ensure that your device is compatible and meets the recommended specifications.

For more detailed information about FARO Zone 3D Advance, read their User Manual.

[note]The following steps outline how to import a .LAS file to FARO Zone 3D to create a Point Cloud model. To process more detailed reconstructions using FARO, you must import the Point Cloud to FARO SCENE.[/note]

Step 1 - Launch FARO

You must first obtain a license to use FARO. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing.


Step 2 - Upload the .LAS file

Locate the button labeled Other PCs at the top of the screen.

Your system file manager will open. Upload the .LAS file you exported from your third-party photogrammetry software and wait as FARO processes it.


Step 3 - View your Point Cloud

If you would like to create a more detailed model, you must import this model to FARO’s SCENE software.



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