A Case Landing is a feature that enables Skydio X2 to land directly on its case, avoiding dusty, muddy surfaces and rough terrain. Case landings work best on level ground in fields and on roads and trails. Ensure that the Skydio case is stable and flat before attempting a case landing.

[warning text="Do not initiate a case landing near water or on moving platforms such as boats, moving and vehicles. Landing on elevated platforms is not recommended as Skydio X2 may perceive them as obstacles and maneuver away from them."]

To perform a Case Landing

When you are ready to land:

Step 1 - Place your case on the ground with the Skydio logo facing up.
Step 2 - Position the drone about 10 ft (3 m) above the case
Step 3 - Tilt the camera down so the case and Skydio logo are clearly in view
Step 4 - Select and hold the Land button

If you are performing a Case Landing with multiple cases, leave about 3 ft (1 m) of space between them for best results. 

    • a yellow ring will circle the Skydio logo
    • if you do not see the yellow ring, cancel the landing and try again

[warning text="piloting or nudging using joystick inputs that are longer than one second will cancel the case landing, and initiate a normal landing. Be careful not to touch the controller joysticks for more than one second while X2 is performing a case landing."]

[note] Performing a Case Landing is never required. Landing directly on dry, even ground is safe. Do not fly in precipitation, fog, or snow. [/note] 

What if I don’t see a yellow ring?

If you do not see the yellow ring, Skydio X2 will not land on the case and will continue to descend straight down. Note that Case Landing works best if you initiate the landing from a higher altitude. If you initiate a landing too low to the ground, your drone may not see the case.

Can I use a Case Landing using the Return to Home function?

If you launch from the case, or the case is placed at the exact launch point of Skydio X2, GPS positional accuracy cannot guarantee a case landing when using the Return to Home function, or in the case of an RTH triggered by lost communication.

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