Manually fly your Skydio drone remotely from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. Take control of an automated mission to get a closer look, or launch a docked drone on demand when you need immediate visibility.

Entering Teleop

Step 1 - Select the Fleet menu (the default home screen)

Step 2 - Select your vehicle

Step 3 - Select Fly Now


Step 4 - Select Launch

    • Skydio will ascend to 7 ft (2.13 m), rotate 360° and hover


Teleop cockpit


Teleop settings


    • Desired Vehicle Speed - Configure how fast the vehicle moves in all directions, including yaw and camera gimbal pitch
        • Only configurable during Teleop after launching
        • Resets to default after each flight
    • Manage Media/Vehicle - delete all files on the media SD card
    • Return Settings - visit Skydio Remote Ops Return Behaviors for more information


Flight controls

Lateral movement

W - pitch forward

S - pitch backward

A - roll left

D - roll right



Rotation and camera gimbal pitch

Option 1: Use arrow keys


Up arrow - look up

Down arrow - look down

Left arrow - yaw/rotate left

Right arrow - yaw/rotate right




Option 2: Use mouse/trackpad


Select Enter Pointer Lock or toggle C key

    • the yaw and camera gimbal pitch of the drone will be locked to your mouse or trackpad. A white circle will indicate the position and direction of your drone. While in this mode, you will not be able to select anything on the screen 
    • Select C or Esc to exit Pointer Lock
    • Arrow keys are disabled when in Pointer Lock

[note] Tapping any of the keys will move the drone a fixed distance in that direction.
 Distance is determined by the Desired Vehicle Speed slider. [/note]


Hide/display control menu

Select ~ to hide or display the control menu. CS_DRO_media_UI_teleop_controls.png



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