Manually fly your Skydio drone remotely from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. Take control of an automated mission to get a closer look, or launch a docked drone on demand when you need immediate visibility.

Step 1 - Select the Fleet menu (the default home screen)

Step 2 - Select your vehicle

Step 3 - Select Fly Now


Teleop Cockpit - the default view is side-by-side of the drone camera and the map. You can expand the camera or the map view using the Teleops menu in the top-right corner. The camera feed will not display until you are ready to launch.


Step 9 - Select Prepare for Launch

    • the bay door will open and the arm will extend

Step 10 - Select to launch

    • Skydio will ascend to 7 ft (2.13 m), rotate 360° and hover

Step 11 - Select Enter Flight Control to pilot your drone to initiate the Pointer lock

    • the yaw and camera gimbal pitch of the drone will be locked to your mouse or trackpad. A white circle will indicate the position and direction of your drone. While in this mode, you will not be able to select anything on the screen 


Use your keyboard, mouse, and/or trackpad to pilot your drone:

W - pitch forward

S - pitch backward

A - roll left

D - roll right


Up arrow - ascend

Down arrow - descend

Mouse - yaw and camera gimbal pitch

: Hide/display the menu


[info text="Select the X icon to cancel pre-flight operations or the launch"] 


Skydio, Inc. A0316

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