Manually fly your Skydio drone remotely from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. Take control of an automated mission to get a closer look, or launch a docked drone on demand when you need immediate visibility.

Entering Remote Flight Deck

Step 1 - Select the Fleet menu (the default home screen)

Step 2 - Select your vehicle

Step 3 - Select Fly Now


Step 4 - Select Launch

    • Skydio will ascend to 7 ft (2.13 m), rotate 360° and hover


Remote Flight Deck




    • Desired Vehicle Speed - Configure how fast the vehicle moves in all directions, including yaw and camera gimbal pitch
        • Only configurable during or after launching
        • Resets to default after each flight
    • Preview where Drone Looks 
        • On screen visualization of where the drone will look when arrow keys are tapped
        • When adjusting Desired Vehicle Speed with hot keys ([ and ]), on-screen arrows will expand or contract to indicate how speed affects your viewpoint
        • Inapplicable in Pointer Lock
    • Stop At Structure
        • Enables precise movement at a structure
        • Instead of taking evasive action when encountering an obstacle, your drone will slow down and allow for more precise maneuvering
    • Double-Click To Fly
        • Quickly navigate to points of interest
        • Double-click on screen to autonomously fly to that point of interest
        • Use mouse scroll or trackpad to adjust distance while flying
    • Manage Vehicle Media - delete all photos and videos on the media SD card
    • Manage Vehicle Logs - delete all flight logs from your vehicle
    • Return Settings - visit Skydio Remote Ops Return Behaviors for more information


Flight controls

Lateral movement

W - pitch forward

S - pitch backward

A - roll left

D - roll right


Rotation and camera gimbal pitch

Option 1: Use arrow keys


Up arrow - look up

Down arrow - look down

Left arrow - yaw/rotate left

Right arrow - yaw/rotate right




Option 2: Use mouse/trackpad


Select Enter Pointer Lock or toggle C key

    • the yaw and camera gimbal pitch of the drone will be locked to your mouse or trackpad. A white circle will indicate the position and direction of your drone. While in this mode, you will not be able to select anything on the screen 
    • Select C or Esc to exit Pointer Lock
    • Arrow keys are disabled when in Pointer Lock

[note] Tapping any of the keys will move the drone a fixed distance in that direction.
 Distance is determined by the Desired Vehicle Speed slider. [/note]

Hide/display control menu

Select ~ to hide or display the control menu. CS_DRO_teleop_shortcuts.png

Flying with a gamepad controller (BETA)


You also have the option to connect a gamepad controller to your computer via USB cable and use the controller, instead of a mouse and keyboard, to fly.

For more information, visit How to fly with a gamepad controller.

Disable Sticky Keys

On both Windows and Mac, the Sticky Keys feature can help make it easier to perform keyboard shortcuts.

However, because many shortcuts use the Shift key, and Skydio Remote Flight Deck uses the Shift key to command the drone to descend, enabling Sticky Keys can activate the Shift key and cause the drone to descend unintentionally.

You should therefore disable Sticky Keys before any flights.


Step 1 - Navigate to All settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard

Step 2 - Disable Sticky Keys


    • Toggle Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts to Off 
    • Uncheck Allow the shortcut key to start Sticky Keys


Step 1 - Navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Keyboard

Step 2 - Uncheck Enable Sticky Keys


Step 3 - Select Options and uncheck Press the Shift key five times to toggle Sticky Keys



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