Battery and Charger

  • R1 battery guidelines, troubleshooting, and safety

    R1 uses rechargeable lithium polymer batteries (often abbreviated as LiPo), which are used commonly throughout many consumer electronics products. Best Practices Here are some best practices and safety guidelines to follow when using your R1 batteries: Charge your R1 batteries using only the Skydio supplied charging dock and power adapter. We recommend using the provided power adapter; however, most USB-C power adapters that are rated from 40W up to 100W should be compatible as well. Connect...
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  • The lights on my R1 battery are yellow

    A yellow LED on the R1 battery means that it has entered a power-saving mode. It will return to normal (blue, pulsing to indicate that it is charging) as soon as you place it on the charger. Check out our related articles for more information.
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