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Crosshair Coordinates allows you to generate coordinates in two distinct ways, Triangulation and Cockpit Crosshair, which uses Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) maps. Triangulation is a flight skill that uses the drone’s position and visual information to calculate GPS coordinates for the position of your crosshairs. Orient the crosshairs over the point of interest, then select Start and as you fly, your camera will continue to stay locked onto your triangulated point of interest. Skydio is offering pilots the opportunity to use and provide feedback on this Beta feature.

Visit How to Use the DTED Cockpit Crosshair on Skydio X2 for more information.

To determine the coordinates of an object using the Triangulation Skill:

Step 1 - Select Begin Flight and launch

Step 2 - Select Triangulation from the skills menu

Step 3 - Identify a point of interest and yaw the vehicle and pitch the gimbal to point the crosshair to the desired target

Step 4 - Select the Start button


Step 5 - Fly the drone laterally to lock on to the target

    • distance to the subject will dictate the amount of lateral flight necessary to acquire triangulation
    • A close-range subject will require a larger lateral flight path

Frame markers indicate that the target has been acquired and provide a sense of scale:

      • green 16.4 ft (5 m)
      • blue 65.6 ft (20 m)

Select Reset to reacquire the target if necessary

Select Stop when you are finished


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