Your Skydio X2E offers two methods for transferring full-resolution images and video from your X2E to your device or computer:

    • Memory card
    • USB-C cable

Quick Steps

Transferring media from the memory card

There are two memory cards installed in X2E:

    1. Logs card (do not remove) – flight logs and software support
    2. Media card – stores images and video captured by X2E

[info text="To access the media stored on your memory card you will need a microSD card adapter."]

Step 1- Locate the media card closest to the battery
Step 2 - Gently press down until you feel a click
Step 3 - Carefully remove the media card
Step 4 - Insert into a microSD card adapter
Step 5 - Insert the adapter into your computer or device
Step 6 - Transfer media to your desired location

Transferring media using the USB-C cable


Step 1 - Power on your X2E

Step 2 - Connect your computer or device to power to avoid draining the battery of X2E
Step 3 - Connect X2E to your computer using the provided USB-C cable
Step 4 - Import your media
    • Windows OS will recognize X2E as an external hard drive
    • Mac OS will utilize the Photos app or Image Capture app to transfer media

[info]Apple supports file sizes up to 4.29 GB when transferring files from a device via USB cable. If transferring large videos, we recommend using an SD card reader or 3rd party file transfer app such as Android File transfer.[/info]

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