Flight Skill - Orbit Point

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise offers advanced enterprise-level autonomy features. Select your desired skill and Skydio X2E will intelligently fly itself to get the best shot. Access available skills by selecting the Skill Menu and adjusting the height, range, and controls by selecting the Skills settings menu.

skill_icon_orbit_poi.pngOrbit Point

Skydio X2E will rotate around a user-selected point-of-interest in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, keeping the point in the center of the frame enabling situational awareness, surveillance, and overwatch of any structure or locale.

Quick Steps

To initiate an orbit:

Step 1 - Select Begin Flight and launch

Step 2 - Select Orbit Point from the skills menu


Step 3 - Select Map View

Step 4 - Fly Skydio X2E to the edge of your orbit

Step 5 - Long press on the map


Step 6 - Select Set Focus Point

    • the range of the orbit is set to the current distance of X2E from the focus point

Step 7 - Set the direction and speed for the orbit

    • use the on-screen slider to set the direction and speed of the orbit
    • using the on-screen slider or controller joystick that controls roll
    • Skydio X2E will continue moving after lifting your finger from the screen
    • the farther you move the slider in either direction, the faster Skydio X2 will orbit
    • using the joystick, the drone will move only while joystick inputs are active
    • when the joystick is placed back in the center position, the drone will stop moving and the on-screen slider will snap back to the center

Step 8 - Select view

    • toggle between the map view and live view

Step 9 - Control camera gimbal pitch and zoom

    • using the controller wheel

Step 10 - Adjust orbit range and altitude

    • drag the orbit on the controller screen to increase or decrease the orbit range
    • manually pilot X2E and the orbit range will dynamically adjust
    • pause the orbit, manually pilot the drone to a new position, then resume
    • range or altitude will adjust to the drone‚Äôs new distance from the Focus Point

Step 11 Adjust Focus Point

    • tap and hold the map and select Move Focus Point
    • replaces the current focus point and sets the new orbit radius to match the drone's current location

Step 12 stop or pause orbit

    • select Stop in the top right corner of the screen
    • press the pause hard button on the controller

This will stop the current autonomous action allowing you to take manual control over your Skydio X2E.


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