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Skydio Autonomy Enterprise offers advanced enterprise-level autonomy features. Select your desired skill and Skydio X2E will intelligently fly itself to get the best shot. Access available skills by selecting the Skill Menu and adjusting the height, range, and controls by selecting the Skills settings menu.


Track in Place

You can select a point of interest to track and Skydio X2E will enter autonomous flight mode and track the selected object, enabling situational awareness, surveillance, and overwatch of a person or vehicle. Skydio X2E will hover in a fixed position, rotating, and tilting the camera to follow a subject as it moves.

Quick Steps

To initiate a track:

Step 1 - Select Track from the Skills Menu

    • active tracks will display with subject indicators
Step 2 - Select the subject indicator to initiate a track


Subject Indicator person


Subject Indicator car

Step 3 - Stop or pause orbit by
    • selecting Stop in the top right corner of the screen
    • pressing the pause button on the controller

This will stop the current autonomous action and allow you to take manual control over your Skydio X2E

Track operations:

    • track one person or vehicle at a time
    • track is not available for pets or other animals
    • subject must be visible in the camera view in order to track  
    • If the subject indicators do not display move the Skydio X2E closer and center the subject on the screen


available track


active track

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