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Skydio offers a range of autonomous controls called flight skills. Select your desired skill and Skydio X2E will intelligently fly itself to get the best shot. Access available skills by selecting the Skill Menu and adjusting the height, range, and controls by selecting the Skills Settings.



The Waypoints skill allows you to design and execute multi-waypoint GPS missions. Skydio X2E uses AI-enabled path planning algorithms to avoid obstacles. Waypoints are created using GPS coordinates so Skydio X2E must have a good GPS signal prior to executing a waypoint mission.

Quick Steps

To execute a multi-waypoint mission:

Select Waypoints

    • from the skills menu
Step 2 - Select Map View  

Step 3 - Long-press anywhere on the map


Step 4 - Select Add Waypoint to set the first waypoint

    • by default, the first waypoint will automatically be the current position of X2E

Step 5 - Continue adding waypoints until your mission path is complete

    • missions can support up to 256 waypoints
    • waypoints may be added while a mission is in progress
    • waypoint may be added after a mission completes, the flight will restart before including the newly added waypoint

Step 6 - Select a waypoint anytime to adjust

    • altitude
    • heading
    • camera gimbal angles

Step 7 - Edit a waypoint

    • select the waypoint and adjust
    • drag a selected waypoint to reposition

Step 8 - Start a mission

    • select Play to start the mission
    • Skydio X2E will autonomously move through each waypoint
    • only one waypoint mission may be defined at a time
    • you cannot save and load between multiple missions

Step 9 - Toggle between Map View or live feed


Step 10 - Reverse course if necessary


Step 11 - Mission complete

    • X2E will hover in place

Step 12 - Delete a waypoint

    • long-press and select Delete
    • select the trash can icon to clear

Step 13 - Store your mission

    • defined missions are stored on the controller and will persist across flights and power cycles 

[info text="Only one waypoint mission may be defined at a time you cannot save and load between multiple missions."] 


Adjust waypoint settings to customize the mission behavior:

Select the settings icon: settings_menu_X2.png


Set the speed at which Skydio X2E will move between waypoints

Lost Comms

Set lost connection to either - 

    • Return to Home (default)
    • Continue the mission

Photo at Waypoint

Set Skydio X2 to take a photo at each waypoint

    • If this setting is toggled on, and the drone is in Video mode, Skydio X2E will automatically switch to Photo mode upon starting or resuming a mission. The drone will switch back into Video mode upon pausing a mission, completing a mission, or exiting the Waypoints skill. 
    • If you switch to Video mode while a mission is active X2E will automatically switch back to Photo mode at each waypoint, capture the image, then switch back to Video mode. This will result in a separate video file for each flight segment between waypoints.

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