[accordion heading="What is the Skydio Enterprise Application?"]

With the purchase of Skydio Autonomy Enterprise™ and Skydio 3D Scan™ software, the Skydio Enterprise app provides access to enterprise-level features including advanced autonomy and AI processes optimized for increased situational awareness and detailed industrial asset inspection. Skydio Enterprise app offers seamless operation of new and enhanced autonomous flight skills, automated workflows, and robust imaging. Skydio Autonomy Enterprise and 3D Scan are available as an add-on software package to your Skydio 2/2+ and X2. Contact a Skydio Sales Representative to discuss information, pricing, and purchasing.

[note] The Skydio app does not support enterprise-level accounts. Please use the Skydio Enterprise app. [/note]

[info] Skydio Autonomy Enterprise software is included with every Skydio Enterprise kit. [/info] 



Skydio Enterprise app

Skydio app

Available for iOS and Android


[accordion heading="What are the differences between the consumer and enterprise apps?"]

The primary difference between the Skydio app and the Skydio Enterprise app is that the Autonomy Enterprise software is accessed exclusively through the Skydio Enterprise app. 

Skydio Enterprise app has been optimized for inspection, search and rescue, emergency response, and situational awareness, many of the consumer-focused Cinematic Skills are available in the Skydio Enterprise app.


[accordion heading="Can I use the Enterprise app if I have not purchased Autonomy Enterprise?"]

No. Although you can download and login to the Skydio Enterprise app, unless you have purchased an enterprise kit or the Autonomy Enterprise software add-on, no features or functionality will be available to you.


[accordion heading="Can I buy Autonomy Enterprise from the Skydio webstore?"]

No. A Skydio Sales Representative can help you procure Autonomy Enterprise. To be connected to the Skydio Sales team, please fill out a contact form on Skydio.com. 

[note]The contact form (above) requires a business email address. If you do not have a business email address, please contact Skydio Support.[/note] 


[accordion heading="Can I access Autonomy Enterprise features from the Skydio App?"]

No, Autonomy Enterprise features are accessible using the Skydio Enterprise app. Contact Skydio Sales Representative to determine whether Autonomy Enterprise is the right fit for your needs.


[accordion heading="I am stuck in 3D Scan mode. How do I fix this?"]

Before switching modes, you must ensure you have two microSD cards inserted. For troubleshooting steps, read What should I do if I am stuck in 3D Scan mode?


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