Skydio has made it easy to manage your offline drones, users, and software update files through Skydio Fleet Manager for Offline Drones. To get started, you will need to set up your organization, add additional users, assign licenses, claim vehicles, and access update packages. 

Quick Steps

  1. Verify your organization name
  2. Add admin users
  3. Claim devices
  4. Assign licenses
  5. Check for updates
  6. View resources


Log in to

    • enter your email address and the verification code sent to your email address

General Tab -

Upload your organization's logo to customize your Home Page.


Users tab - 

Select Invite a Member OR import a file (CSV or text file)

    • Enter email
    • Assign the role of Admin

[note]Members will need to be assigned an Admin-level role for access to the update files. A member’s email address can only be associated with one organization at a time. Contact for assistance if you cannot add a user.[/note]

Devices tab -

Your vehicles and devices are not automatically associated with your organization, so you must claim the vehicles you want in your fleet in the Devices tab.

    • Select Claim Device
    • Enter the drone name
    • Select Claim Device

Your vehicles will be listed in this menu.

[note]You cannot claim a vehicle that is associated with another organization or delete a vehicle. Contact for support.[/note]

Licenses tab - 

Assign your Advanced Autonomy licenses to a vehicle.

    • Select the blue card next to the Skydio X2D Autonomy Enterprise license first in the action column, and a list of eligible vehicles will be displayed.
    • Assign this license to your vehicles. If you purchased the 3D Scan license, you will assign this next. 

The licenses will sync with your next update.

A button at the top of the page provides you with more detailed instructions if you need them. 


The Licenses tab offers information about your Purchase History, including: 

    • All active and expired licenses
    • Type of license
    • How many licenses have been purchased
    • How many have been assigned
    • How many remain unassigned
    • Action tiles to assign licenses
    • Action tiles to view the vehicles that already have licenses assigned

Offline Updates tab - 

Updates from Skydio contain important enhancements and fixes designed to improve performance and optimize flight controls and features for the operation of your Skydio X2D offline system, Enterprise Controller, and occasionally the Dual Charger. It is recommended that you keep the equipment software and firmware up-to-date. You may use the same flash drive (or memory card reader) to update one system at a time or load the update onto several flash drives for simultaneous updates.

To update your Skydio X2D offline system, you will need:

    • a computer with an internet connection
    • a memory card reader with a USB-C connection OR
    • a USB-C flash drive that has been authorized by command or IT Security and formatted to exFAT file system

Step 1 - Select Generate Zip file in the Vehicle Software Update

Step 2 - Select Download after your drone’s unique update file package has been generated


Step 3 - Select Download in the Controller Software Update


Step 4 - Extract the .zip file contents 

    • The first file is labeled offline_ota, which is the update for your X2D vehicle.
    • The second is a .tar file, which is the update for your Skydio Enterprise Controller or Enterprise Controller-S. Your Skydio representative will direct you to the proper update file. 

Step 5 - Insert the USB-C flash drive into your computer

    • Copy the folder named offline_ota into the root level of your flash drive so that it is not contained inside any other folders
    • Copy the .tar file onto the root level of your flash drive
    • There will be two items on the root level of your flash drive: a folder titled offline_ota and a .tar file

Step 6 - Safely eject the flash drive from your computer 

Step 7 - Ensure that your media is decrypted

    • Insert the encryption key into the USB-C port on the X2D to decrypt your media

Step 8 - Update your Skydio Enterprise Controller

    • Power on your controller
    • Select the INFO menu
    • Insert the flash drive or USB-C memory card reader into your controller
    • Select Controller Update

Step 9 - Navigate to the flash drive or memory card root folder

Step 10 - Select the update .tar file and Done

    • The update will begin automatically
    • Allow up to five minutes for the update to complete
    • During this process, your controller may restart multiple times

Step 11 - Verify that the software version listed matches the software version provided by your Skydio representative.

Step 12 - Update your Skydio vehicle

    • Insert the flash drive into the USB-C port on the vehicle
    • Power on the vehicle
    • The update will begin automatically
    • The lights on your drone will pulse blue
    • The camera gimbal will disengage and go slack
    • The process may take several minutes
    • When the update is complete, the camera gimbal will re-engage

Step 13 - remove the USB-C flash drive

Step 14 - Verify you have correctly installed the update:

    • Power on your Skydio X2D and Skydio Enterprise Controller and connect
    • Select the INFO menu
    • Select your drone name
    • Verify that the software version listed matches the software version provided by Skydio.

For more detailed update instructions visit: How to update your Skydio X2D


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