Ensure your Skydio X10 and X10 Controller have been set up and paired before your first flight. Once paired, the drone and controller will automatically connect before future flights.

[warning] Before your first flight, read and follow all of the safety guidelines in the Skydio Safety and Operating Guide and make sure to set your Return and Lost Connection Behaviors (Global Settings > Return). [/warning]

Power on and connect

Step 1 - Power on Skydio X10 and the X10 controller CS_X10_power_on.pngCS_X10_C18_media_ill_open_anno.png
Step 2 - Wait for devices to connect



How to launch

Step 1 - Find a clear, safe area to launch

Find a clear, safe area to launch and place your drone on a stable surface. Leave about 10 ft (3 m) clearance in all directions.

Select Fly Now.


Step 2 - Launch

Your drone will rotate during launch to calibrate its Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and navigation system.

Option 1 - Drag the on-screen slider

The drone will initiate launching when you lift your finger away from the screen.

Option 2 - Press and hold the Launch/Land button on the controller

The drone will initiate launching when you see the on-screen check mark.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 10.09.46 PM.png


[warning] Obstacle avoidance is disabled when the drone is below 10 ft (3 m) during landing. Exercise extreme care to avoid injury or damage. Do not touch spinning propellers. [/warning]

How to hand launch

Launching and landing Skydio X10 from your hand is a quick and convenient way to start or end your flight, particularly if you are not in a clear, level area. For your safety, always use caution when hand launching. This maneuver is dangerous and should not be attempted in unstable environments, such as during high winds or while standing on a moving vehicle or boat.

[warning] Hand launching Skydio X10 is an advanced maneuver for experienced pilots. Obstacle avoidance is disabled during launch. After launching, Skydio X10 will ascend above your hand and hover. Do not touch the spinning propellers and exercise extreme care to avoid injury. Do not hand launch and land while in GPS Only flight or precipitation. [/warning]

Step 1 - Ensure you have clearance above and in front of you

Step 2 - Hold the drone away from you (sensor package facing away from your body)

  • Lightly grip the battery
  • Keep the drone level, still, and at arm's length from your body
  • Your fingers should be below the Skydio X10 chassis and away from the propellers at all times
  • Ensure your hand steady

Step 3 - Launch

Press and hold the Launch Button on the X10 Controller. Slowly relax your grip as Skydio X10 launches.

  • Do not push or throw the drone up in the air
  • Keep your hand still - the drone will slide off your palm and take flight on its own

Quick Launch

Quick Launch allows you to use the battery power button to hand launch your Skydio X10 so that you do not have to balance the controller in one hand and your drone in the other. 

Follow the steps for hand launching, and press the battery button four times to initiate the launch.

  • Two lights on the battery will light up with each button press until all lights are on
  • Launching begins when all battery lights are on

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