Enable GPS Only when flying Skydio X10 in low-light conditions. When in this mode, Skydio X10 will disable obstacle avoidance and use GPS sensors, instead of its vision system, to navigate. Skydio X10 will display an alert message if the environment is too dark to fly using the vision navigation system and will prompt you to fly using GPS Flight.

[warning] Obstacle avoidance is disabled in GPS Flight mode. Fly with extreme caution! [/warning]


Step 1 - Enable GPS Only flight


Select the Global Settings icon, select Sensing, then toggle on GPS Only.


Step 2 - Configure your lighting settings


Improve visibility by enabling infrared or visible strobe lights. Select Lighting then toggle on RGB (default navigation lights), Infrared, or Strobe lights. Infrared and Strobe lights cannot be on at the same time.


Step 3 - Calibrate your drone


Exit the Global Settings menu, then select Fly Now. Hold your drone from the bottom with the camera facing away from your body and wave from side to side in a straight line to calibrate. You will see an on-screen message when calibration is complete.



Step 4 - Launch Skydio X10


Your drone will automatically rotate 360° to establish heading. Obstacle avoidance will be disabled.





Inflight Safety Considerations

Obstacle Avoidance When GPS Flight is enabled, Skydio X10 does not use vision navigation and Obstacle Avoidance is disabled. Take extra caution when piloting the drone to avoid obstacles and stay clear of people.
GPS Signal Maintaining a strong GPS signal is paramount when operating X10 at night. If Skydio X10 loses GPS while in GPS Night Flight mode, it will initiate an emergency landing.
Visibility Improve visibility by enabling infrared or visible strobe lights. Skydio X10 strobe lights meet the FAA requirement of being visible at a distance of 3 statute miles.
Return Behavior

Review the return behavior height setting in the Global Settings menu. Skydio X10 does not avoid obstacles when in GPS Only flight mode, so you may want to set the drone’s return height such that it will be above any potential obstacles.

Landing When landing, use the controller joystick to descend down to 15 feet (4.6 meters), when you are ready to land, press and hold the LAND button on the screen or the controller. Do not hand launch or hand land at night.


Flying at night with obstacle avoidance

Flying at night with full obstacle avoidance is possible with the Skydio NightSense attachment and software.

[info] Skydio NightSense is available for purchase now and will be shipped at a later date. For more information about NightSense, visit: What attachments are available with Skydio X10? [/info]

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