We’ve optimized R1’s flight behaviors based on its ability to track a subject accurately. Using the Skydio app and a variety of different skills, you can adjust R1 to get the perfect shot.

Based on which mode you’re using, or whether or not R1 is currently tracking a subject, here are the altitude (height) specifications for R1:

  When tracking a subject When NOT tracking a subject
Max height ceiling (in an area with good GPS signal): 8m (26.2ft) 20m (65.6ft)
Max height ceiling (in an area with poor GPS signal): 8m (26.2ft) 10m (32.8ft)
Max height (Tripod mode ONLY, with good GPS signal): 20m (65.6ft)
Max height (Tripod mode ONLY, with poor GPS signal): 10m (32.8ft)


  • In addition to the above specs, when tracking a subject, R1 will never fly further than 10m (32.8ft) away from the subject (overall distance in relation to the person being followed).
  • R1 uses your phones GPS signal to reacquire you to follow or to return to your location if needed. R1 will use your phone's GPS location to continue tracking when it can't see the subject.
  • Skydio R1 maximum height ceilings are compliant with FAA guidelines.

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