To assist our team in troubleshooting any issues or questions, we may ask you to send logs from your drone to Customer Support. Please note that we may need to review your videos and/or flight data to help us determine the root cause of any issues. We will never review your videos or data without your permission. 

[warning text="If the drone body or the cameras have been damaged in any way, please do not attempt to fly until Customer Support has investigated the logs and determined a resolution."]

Quick Steps

To access and upload the logs from your Skydio 2/2+ flight:

Step 1 - Launch the Skydio app and connect to your Skydio 2/2+

Step 2 - Select the INFO menu

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Step 3 - Scroll down and select Skydio Support Logs


Step 4 - Select Upload to Cloud customer support

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Step 5 - Select Send a Single Log or Send All Logs

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Single Log lists all logs organized by date and time. Select an individual flight you wish to upload.  

    • If you are exporting a Single Flight, the system will first download the flight data directly from Skydio 2/2+ to the controlling device.
    • This step may take a few minutes. You will be alerted if the logs fail to load. When completed, the logs will automatically begin exporting to Skydio Customer Support.

All Logs exports all flight logs saved on the controlling device from all flight history.

    • allows you to sync logs whether you are connected to the vehicle or not.

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