The settings menu allows for the configuration of in-flight controls of Skydio X2E. The controller must be connected to the drone to access the drone settings. The Height Limits menu provides access to drone settings for Height Floor, Height Ceiling, and Indoor Height Ceiling:

Step 1 - Select the device Settings icon  S2_drone-settings_icon.png

Step 2 - Select the Drone tab

Step 3 - Select the Height Limits menu height_limits_menu.jpg

Height Ceiling:

    • adjust - the maximum altitude between 30 and 1500 feet (10 - 457 meters)
    • disable - the maximum allowed flight altitude

Indoor Height Ceiling:

When flying indoors without GPS, Skydio will prevent you from flying above 66 feet (20 meters). You have the option to disable this Indoor Height Ceiling. 
If you choose to disable your indoor Height Ceiling, ensure that your drone maintains a distance of 66 feet (20 meters) from any surfaces such as walls or structures to ensure robust visual navigation.  indoor_height_menu.jpg
    • enabled by default
    • disabling the Indoor Height Ceiling setting does not persist across flights or power cycles

Skydio X2E has a maximum operational altitude above sea level of 15,000 feet (4.57 Kilometers)

It is important to follow your local laws when it comes to flying your drone. The Height Ceilings are compliant with FAA guidelines. As a Skydio pilot, you are solely responsible for monitoring and managing your drone's battery life to ensure enough flight time to return safely. Read the Skydio Safety and Operating Guide for more information. 

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