The Skydio Controller is designed to maximize your Skydio flight experience. However, there are some factors that may interfere with the range, signal strength, and connection. Here are some best practices and tips for better range:

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi on your mobile device, ensuring communication to the drone through the controller, and reducing electromagnetic interference during flight.
  • Clear line of sight to the drone is critical. The best way to extend range is to ensure the drone and controller antennas can “see” each other.
    • Keep the drone at a reasonable altitude (e.g. 200 to 300 feet above the user/pilot). Flying too high can cause the body of the drone to block the antenna’s line of sight to the controller. Flying too low could potentially place obstacles between the pilot and the drone.
    • Ensure the Skydio drone remains in visual line of sight and the controller is pointing towards the drone at all times. The ideal orientation is to have the drone pointing directly away from the controller.
    • In ideal conditions, with no obstructions or wireless network interference, the range has been tested up to 3.5 km.
    • Ensure that the controller cover is fully open. The antenna is inside of the extendable phone clamp, so it is important to keep the controller open while flying to maintain a good connection.
    • Urban environments are going to have more wireless radio congestion and thus less range. Avoid microwave antennas, high-voltage electrical power lines, pylons, and communications towers, which may interfere with the radio transmissions that control your Skydio drone.

[note] Radio jamming will negatively impact range. [/note] 

  • Evaluate the distance to your drone. The controller signals attenuate with distance—the signal will get weaker as your Skydio drone flies away from the controller.
  • Evaluate your environment—communications between the controller and your drone penetrate most non-conducting materials, such as wood, concrete, and bricks - but dense materials like those may affect signal strength.
  • Fly cautiously in areas with conductive materials such as metal and water which may reflect the controller signals and weaken signal strength.

Recommendation: If flying missions with Skydio 2+ or Skydio X2 platforms, consider using the Skydio Enterprise Controller, which is built for industrial and military applications. The Enterprise controller offers improved range and enhanced capabilities over the standard consumer Skydio controller.

Skydio Enterprise Controller Skydio Controller
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