Every Skydio battery has a unique serial number located on the label affixed to the battery.

Quick Steps

Skydio 2/2+ Battery

  • Located above the QR code in the bottom-right corner of the battery label
  • Skydio 2 battery begins with “Q52…”
  • Skydio 2+ battery with “PR350…”

Pro tips:

  • Take a photo of your serial number and zoom in for easier reading
  • Scan QR code for larger view of serial number


Skydio X2 Battery

If working with Skydio Support to replace a battery, combine the manufacture date with 5-digit number located above the QR code and provide that to the team:

  • Example (from image): 211011 / 00123

For the full battery serial number, scan the QR code on the label.




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