United States federal law requires all drones operated under 14 CFR Part 107 to be registered. If you have a Skydio drone that has Remote ID enabled, note that the information you provide will be different from a non-Remote ID enabled drone.


Quick Steps

  1. Log in/create an account at FAA DroneZone
  2. Add a device
  3. Visibly display your FAA registration number on your drone
  4. Carry your registration card with you whenever you fly

In Depth

Step 1 - Log in or Create an account at FAA DroneZone


Step 2 - Select the ‘Drone Owners and Pilots Dashboard’
    • This will take you to a page where you can register new drones as well as manage any drones you have previously registered.

Step 3 - Select ‘Add Device’

    • Here you can register your new drone.

[note] You cannot edit or make updates to an existing registered drone. If you need to update the information - such as adding Remote ID information - you must add a new device registration and then cancel the old registration. You will need to pay the fee for any new registrations. [/note]




Step 4 - Enter required information


First, to determine if you drone has Remote ID enabled, following these instructions at Skydio.com.


If your drone is enabled, select YES.

    • UAS TYPE: Standard Remote ID
    • UAS MODEL: 2, 2+, or X2E
    • REMOTE ID SERIAL NUMBER: enter the serial number printed on the special label inside the battery tray on your drone


If your drone is not enabled, select NO.

    • UAS TYPE: Traditional UAS
    • UAS MODEL: 2, 2+, or X2E
    • Check the box for SERIAL NUMBER NOT APPLICABLE








Step 5 - Manage your inventory

Find the previous registration in the inventory list.

    • Select ACTIONS.
    • Select CANCEL.
    • The previous registration will remain in the list with STATUS as Canceled.

Step 6 - Add your FAA registration number to your drone

Your Skydio drone must be physically marked with the FAA Registration Number.

The FAA has provided guidance on how to properly do this at this link. The number must be:

    • legible at all times
    • affixed to the drone by any means necessary to ensure that it will remain affixed for the duration of each operation
    • legibly displayed on an external surface of the drone

[note] If the drone leaves your possession, for example you sell the drone or it is sent to Skydio for repair, you should remove the FAA registration label and cancel the registration. [/note]


You’ll receive a PDF registration card from the FAA via email. This card should be readily available during flight operations in print or digital format.



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