On September 16, 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will begin requiring drone operators in the United States to broadcast Remote ID information, unless flying in an FAA-recognized identification area. We’ve got you covered—we think our drones are the smartest, safest drones in the world and we want to make it easy to be compliant when flying our products.

[note] Skydio X2D drones used by the U.S. Department of Defense or other federal agencies are generally exempt from the manufacturer requirements in the Remote ID rule. [/note]

Skydio 2, 2+ or X2E drones produced after September 16, 2022

Remote ID is already enabled for your drone. For more information visit What is Remote ID, and how does Skydio have you covered?


Skydio 2, 2+ or X2E drones produced before September 16, 2022

We’ve enabled Remote ID for your drone via a simple software update. Follow the steps below to ensure your drone is fully enabled and compliant.

Step 1 - Update your drone and app/controller

Step 2 - Ensure Remote ID information is successfully broadcasting

  • When entering the flight screen, you will see a Remote ID system check screen message
  • Select the Signal icon—if you see “Remote ID Broadcasting” with a green indicator, your drone has passed the required pre-flight self-test and is broadcasting its Remote ID information



Step 3 - Update registration with the FAA


Registration information:

  • UAS TYPE: Standard Remote ID
    Drone Model Name
    Skydio 2 2 SDRC2V1
    Skydio 2+

    2+ SDR35V1

    2+ SDR35V2

    Skydio X2E

    X2E SDR21V1

    X2E SDR21V2

  • REMOTE ID SERIAL NUMBER: enter the ANSI serial number located in the Skydio app. If your drone was produced after September 16, 2022, the ANSI serial number is also printed on the label inside the battery tray on your drone.


[note] Depending on when you initially registered your drone, you may be able to edit your registration with your new Remote ID information. Otherwise you will need to cancel your registration and re-register. [/note]


[note] If you receive an Invalid Serial Number error message when registering your drone, hang tight—we’re working on an update to resolve this issue for a small number of our earliest users. Stay tuned! [/note]


Step 4 - Affix a label to your drone

  • Download our Remote ID label template
  • Print this template at 100% scale
  • Cut out the FAA Standard Remote ID Compliant label and securely affix it to your drone

[note] You may use any tape or adhesive that securely affixes the label to the drone and maintains legibility. Alternatively, you may print the label onto sticker paper that can be securely affixed to the drone. [/note]


Skydio 2/2+

  • ONLY affix the label on the bottom side of drone, along either of the front two arms
  • DO NOT affix the label anywhere else as it may affect the performance of your drone


Skydio X2E

  • ONLY affix the label on the right side of the drone, on body beside the front-right arm. Note: this is specifically opposite the side with the SD card slots.
  • DO NOT affix the label anywhere else as it may affect the performance of your drone. Do not cover vents.


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