Import DTED, MOBAC, Quantum GIS, GeoTIFF, custom QGC, and Mapbox tiles to the Skydio Enterprise Controller using a USB-C memory drive or SD memory card reader.

To import maps to your Skydio X2D controller:

Step 1 - Load your map files onto a USB-C flash drive or SD memory card

  • Ensure that the SD memory card is formatted to exFAT

Step 2 - Insert into the USB-C port on the controller


Step 3 - Power on the controller 

Step 4 - Select the INFO menu

Step 5 - Select Import Maps

X2D import maps.png

Step 6 - Select Select Maps

  • Navigate to the storage device
  • Select the maps to import
  • One tap starts importing a single file
  • Press and hold will allow you to select multiple files



Step 7 - Select Select

  • Wait for your maps to import
  • A progress indicator will display the status of the import
  • The file size will affect the amount of time to import

Step 8 -  Select View Map Library to review your imported maps

  • If you have uploaded a QGC map, you will also see an option to open Skydio QGC

Step 9 - Power cycle the controller

To generate DTED, MOBAC, QGIS, or GeoTIFF files:

How to use Crosshair Coordinates DTED on Skydio X2D

How to Generate MOBAC Maps

How to Generate QGIS Maps

To delete maps from your controller:

Step 1 - Navigate to INFO > Maps

Step 2 - Select Import Maps

Step 3 - Select Select in the top left corner

Step 4 - Choose the map you wish to delete

Step 5 - Select Delete to confirm


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