Updates from Skydio contain essential enhancements and fixes designed to improve performance and optimize flight controls and features for operating your Skydio X2D offline system, Enterprise Controller, and Dual Charger. You may use the same flash drive (or memory card reader) to update one system at a time or load the update onto several flash drives for simultaneous updates. There are two ways to receive the update package from Skydio - SD memory card or secure download.

To update your Skydio X2D offline system, you will need a:

  1. Computer with an Internet connection
  2. Memory card reader with USB-C connection OR
  3. USB-C flash drive authorized by command or IT Security and formatted to exFAT file system
  4. .zip containing the offline_ota folder with the X2D vehicle update
  5. .tar file Enterprise Controller or Enterprise Controller-S update

Update your Skydio Controller and X2D

Step 1 - Extract the .zip file contents
Step 2 -
Insert the USB-C flash drive into your computer

Step 3 - Copy the folder named offline_ota onto the root level of your flash drive so that it is not contained inside any other folders
Step 4 -
Copy the .tar file onto the root level of your flash drive and safely eject the flash drive from your computer.

Step 5 - Ensure that your media is decrypted

    • Insert the encryption key into the USB-C port on the vehicle to decrypt your media

Step 6 - Update your Skydio Enterprise Controller

    • Power on your controller
    • Select the INFO menu
    • Insert the flash drive or USB-C memory card reader into your controller
    • Select Controller Update

Step 7 - Update your Skydio vehicle

    • Insert the flash drive into the USB-C port on the vehicle
    • Power on the vehicle
    • The update will begin automatically
    • The lights on your drone will pulse blue
    • The camera gimbal will disengage and go slack
    • The process may take several minutes
    • When the update is complete, the camera gimbal will re-engage

Step 8 - Remove the USB-C flash drive

Step 9 - Verify you have correctly installed the update:

    • Power on your Skydio X2D and Skydio Enterprise Controller and connect
    • Select the INFO menu
    • Select your drone name
    • Verify that the software version listed matches the software version provided by Skydio.

Update your Skydio Dual Charger

Skydio will notify you if an update is available for your dual charger, although these updates may not be as frequent.

To perform the update, you will need:

    • the Dual Charger
    • an updated Skydio X2D vehicle
    • two Skydio X2 batteries
    • the USB-C cable

Step 1 - Slide one battery onto the Dual Charger

Step 2 - Insert one battery onto a Skydio X2D vehicle 

Step 3 - Power on your drone by holding the power button for three seconds

Step 4 - Allow the vehicle to boot up fully

Step 5 - Connect the USB-C cable from the vehicle to your Dual Charger

    • The update will begin automatically
    • The lights on the battery attached to the charger will pulse blue for several seconds, and then the lights will turn off while the charger updates
    • The update process can take up to 5 minutes
    • The lights on the battery will turn green, indicating that the update is complete

Step 6 - Unplug the cable from the dual charger and the vehicle

Format the flash drive to the exFAT file system

To format the flash drive on a Windows computer:

Step 1 - Insert the drive into your computer

Step 2 - Open your file explorer and navigate to your flash drive

Step 3 - Right-click and select Format

Step 4 - From the drop-down menu, select exFAT

Step 5 - Select Start

Step 6 - Select OK when prompted with the final confirmation message

To format your flash drive on a Mac computer:

Step 1 - Insert the flash drive into your computer

Step 2 - Open your disk utility >Select View >Show all devices

Step 3 - Select the drive you wish to format

Step 4 - Select Erase

Step 5 - Input the name for the device

Step 6 - Select exFAT under format

Step 7 - Select the default or Master Boot Record for scheme

Step 8 - Select Erase

Step 9 - Select Done when the formatting is complete

[note] When you format a flash drive, everything will be permanently deleted. Ensure you have any critical data backed up on a separate device before formatting your flash drive.[/note]

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