Before your first flight, read and follow all of the safety guidelines in the Skydio Safety and Operating Guide and make sure to set your Return and Lost Connection Behaviors (Global Settings > Return).

[warning] Obstacle avoidance is disabled when the drone is below 10 ft (3 m) during landing. Exercise extreme care to avoid injury or damage. Do not touch spinning propellers. [/warning]

How to land

Step 1 - Select the Return/Land button in the top right of your screen or on the controller




Step 2 - Choose your return location or land in place

  • Home (if set) - Returns to a Home Point previously set on the map (GPS required)
  • Launch - Returns to the Launch Point
  • Pilot - Returns to the location of the Skydio X10 Controller

You have three options when landing in place: 

Option 1 - Select and drag the on-screen slider

Landing begins when you lift your finger away from the screen.

Option 2 - Press and hold the Return/Land button on the controller

Landing begins when you see the on-screen check mark.

Option 3 - Press and hold the Return/Land button on-screen

Landing begins when you see the on-screen check mark.


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How to hand land

Landing Skydio X10 in your hand is a quick and convenient way to start or end your flight, particularly if you are not in a clear, level area. For your safety, always use caution when hand launching or landing. 

Launching and landing Skydio X10 from your hand is an advanced maneuver only to be used when it is necessary, and it is advised that you do so only if you are an experienced pilot and you can’t find a clear flat spot to take off or land.

[warning] Do not hand launch or hand land during windy days, when GPS Only flight is enabled, when flying at night, or extreme environmental conditions as serious injury and/or damage may occur. [/warning]

Step 1 - Position Skydio X10 above a clear area so that you can move underneath it.

Ensure the drone is facing away from you and extend your arm away from your body.

  • The sensor package should face away from your body
  • The back of the chassis and the battery are closest to you

Step 2 - Initiate landing

Skydio X10 will descend vertically with full obstacle avoidance until it is 10 ft (3 m) above the ground.

Once your drone is below 10 ft (3 m), the lights on the drone turn yellow to indicate obstacle avoidance is disabled for the remainder of the landing.

[warning] Do not attempt to grab or catch Skydio X10 without initiating a landing, the motors will continue to spin at full speed and may cause severe injury. Do not attempt to hand land until the lights turn yellow. Attempting to hand land while obstacle avoidance is active will cause it to attempt to avoid your hand and may result in Skydio impacting yourself or another nearby object. [/warning]

Step 3 - Lightly grab the drone by the battery from underneath as it touches down on your open palm

Once the battery has made contact with your palm, keep your hand steady until the propellers completely stop spinning.

Do not attempt a hand landing if:

  1. There are high winds present.
  2. Skydio X10 is not stable in flight for any reason.
  3. Skydio X10 is performing an emergency landing after an accident or crash.
  4. You are in an area where you do not have stable footing.
  5. You are on a moving vehicle or boat.
  6. Skydio X10 is in GPS Flight mode, such as flying at night or flying in the rain.

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