Skydio Connect includes various radio connectivity options between Skydio X10, the Skydio X10 Controller, and Flight Deck controls, whether you’re flying with the controller or via browser.

You have two Skydio Connect options when purchasing your Skydio X10.

Skydio Connect SL

Skydio Connect SL provides a proprietary, optimized point-to-point wireless link between X10 and the controller. With line-of-sight distances up to 7.5 miles or 12 kilometers, SL offers robust performance for most autonomous flight missions.

  • Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz, 5GHz
  • Range in ideal conditions: 7.5 mi (12 km)

Skydio Connect 5G

Skydio Connect 5G allows you to fly Skydio X10 anywhere with a stable cellular connection. With the addition of Skydio Remote Flight Deck you can also operate your Skydio drones through an internet browser via Skydio Cloud.

Coming Soon!
You will also be able to remotely operate your drones from any Skydio X10 Controller that is connected to your 5G network.

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